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16oz Bourbon Chocolates


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Handcrafted by Maker's Mark Bourbon Chocolates - 32 Piece Chocolates


Handcrafted by Maker's Mark Bourbon Chocolates. Ingredients: Sugar, pecans, Maker's Mark Bourbon Whisky, cocoa, cocoa butter, flour. May contain one or more of the following: half & half, milk, water, corn starch, soy lecithin (an emulsifier), pure vanilla extract, corn syrup, butter, glucose syrup, egg white powder, margarine, gum acacia, baking soda, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, yeast invertase, propylene glycol, glycerin, salt, natural & artificial flavors, sodium citrate, caramel color. This product contains and/or is processed in a facility that processes ingredient derivatives from the following known allergens: milk, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans. This product may not be allergen free and may contain trace amounts of any known or unknown food allergen. Alcohol not to exceed 5.0% by federal law.


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Customer Reviews

  • Quality
    Review by jfoozin@gmail.comon 12/14/2017
    Tried them after the tour. WOW !!! so good. Took a box home and they didn't last long.
  • Quality
    Review by hpruff@yahoo.comon 11/7/2017
    These are some of the best Chocolates I have EVER tasted!!!
  • Quality
    So decedent!
    Review by Lukela63@gnail.comon 9/8/2017
    Had these when we were touring the distillery. Pretty tasty at 10:30 in the morning!
    Looking forward to my first order!
  • Quality
    Review by k.saurenman@yahoo.comon 9/2/2017
    The first bite into these scrumptious bon-bons tells you that you're into something delightful. Not too sweet; just sweet enough & then that remarkable MM flavor makes itself known....oh...heaven on the palate. Let it melt in your mouth ti enjoy & savor the rich combined flavors. What a pleasure. If you can allow yourself, the box makes a wonderful gift for the host of a party. However you'll be tempted to keep these decadent bon-bons for yourself. Solution? Buy 2 & keep 1 for yourself!! Life is good.
  • Quality
    To Die For!
    Review by mshoshonthefly@gmail.comon 8/23/2017
    Oh my these morsels of chocolate, have Maker's Mark bourbon filled centers and are topped with pecans. It doesn't get any better than this . We brought a 16oz box home from our trip to Kentucky and our 40+ son couldn't keep out of the box, and he doesn't usually indulge himself! My only complaint..."there are only 32 of them".... They are perfectly sweet and decadent!
  • Quality
    super YUMMMMM!!!!!
    Review by jjudge@EthelindCoblinArchitect.comon 4/30/2017
    Wouldn't have a Derby Party without them. :)
  • Quality
    LOVE them
    Review by stackiine@yahoo.comon 4/4/2017
    Great taste and flavor of Bourbon! Perfect blend with the chocolate, bourbon and pecans!
  • Quality
    in love
    Review by kar71368@yahoo.comon 4/2/2017
    omg they are the absolute bomb soooo good
  • Quality
    Great taste. Fun giveaways.
    Review by Ragtopmama@aol.comon 4/1/2017
    Ordered these for golf Tournament Derby-themed favors, along with other items. For many they were an introduction to "Derby" & it was a successful and fun intro. Everyone loved the flavor and presentation.
  • Quality
    5 stars
    Review by robincaldwell4@aol.comon 2/18/2017
    Umbeliveable taste!!
  • Quality
    Oh my !!!!
    Review by cavana@verizon.neton 12/26/2016
    Incredible flavor. A butter cream with Makers. Wow! Bill C, Hershey, Pa.
  • Quality
    Tradition !
    Review by dfinzer81@gmail.comon 12/1/2016
    We celebrate our Kentucky heritage on special occasions with this memorable taste of our old home.
  • Quality
    The best
    Review by Azureprivateer@gmail.comon 11/15/2016
    One of the best chocolates Ive ever had. Thank you Leslie
  • Quality
    Love your candy since 1995
    Review by frances.phillips58@gmail.comon 11/13/2016
    Stepdaughter took myself and husband to your distillery on a visit, have loved and bought since then.
  • Quality
    Review by seanfurnis38@gmail.comon 10/11/2016
  • Quality
    Just when you thought Maker's Mark couldn't get any better! !
    Review by dianderson37@gmail.comon 8/26/2016
    After sampling the finest bourbon these are a perfect ending!
    Bought a box and left it the fridge at our hotel. I'm sure it was the best tip housekeeping got all year! Glad to see to see I can get them online.
  • Quality
    Absolutely the best!
    Review by heinslibby@frontiernet.neton 7/16/2016
    Received these for Fathers Day. My wife used to make bourbon balls for the holidays and they were great. Haven't had them for years, so this was a wonderful surprise from my son & daughter-in-law. I must say these were the best that I have ever eaten. Along with the box of 4 Truffles, it was a Great gift. Have been trying to ration them for a special treat every now and then.
  • Quality
    Review by jerryjobson@gmail.comon 7/6/2016
    Sooooooo Good! Do you make them in Mint Julep too? Please
    Thank you
  • Quality
    Perfect for my Dad...!!!
    Review by marcel-spooks@msn.comon 7/5/2016
    My Dad turned 92 years old this year and this is the perfect gift for him.
    Maker's Mark Bourbon Chocolates is one of Kentucky's hidden treasures.
  • Quality
    Review by Coorbe on 6/28/2016
  • Quality
    Everyone loves them!
    Review by Mountaineeron 3/24/2016
    Superb, great combination, chocolate, bourbon and pecan. Can't wait to have them again!
  • Quality
    Review by Lizon 3/6/2016
    Hard to eat just 1
  • Quality
    Review by Billon 1/3/2016
    Given for Christmas and were excellent!!
  • Quality
    Review by Schrammon 1/2/2016
    Wasnt sure so I ordered the smaller batch but they are a tribute to Maker's Mark and what bourbon chocolates should be! One of a kind taste!
  • Quality
    Review by AJMRNon 12/28/2015
    AMAZING!!!! I'm not a huge fan of chocolates, which is kind of unusual as I live near Hershey, PA..but without a doubt these one one of the best things I have ever tasted in my life! There is something so magical about the taste of Maker's Mark and chocolate and a pecan all together. Simply magical.
  • Quality
    Review by Annon 12/17/2015
    Love, love, love these chocolates. I receive them each Christmas from my sister and put them in the refrigerator to share with others (one for you, two for me).
    Amazingly, well not actually, they seem to disappear before I have many visitors for the sharing.
  • Quality
    Got all my friends hooked!
    Review by Winnieon 12/17/2015
    Love them and so does everyone I let taste one. They are not sold in TX.
  • Quality
    So tasty
    Review by Jozon 12/8/2015
    A must have for the holidays and any other special occasions! So delicious!! May calm down the woman you love when she's upset with you.
  • Quality
    Dreamy Goodness!
    Review by Christinaon 10/31/2015
    From 1st bite I was hooked! I buy aunts & uncle, parents and myself a box! Yummy
  • Quality
    AWESOME !!!!!!!
    Review by Robinon 10/30/2015
    I received these as a gift last year. I kept them in fridge & rationed myself on them. I wanted to make them last as long as possible. I have been anxiously awaiting the availability of these..My Gift to ME !!!
  • Quality
    Bourbon Balls
    Review by Evelyn on 10/12/2015
  • Quality
    Fans. try these!!!!
    Review by Lori Hon 10/12/2015
    These candies are so good, I try to buy them every fall and see if I can make them last till Christmas. I keep them in the fridge and take a few out, let them get to room temperature and enjoy!! Maker's Mark fans need to try these, you'll be hooked. Ambassador for life, Lori H.