1. Mint Julep Paper Straw

    Maker's Mark proudly promotes our red and white retro paper straws as we raise awareness and do our part to promote a clean environment! Learn More
  2. Exclusive Mint Julep Metal Straw


    This exclusive Maker's Mark mint julep spoon straw design available for the first time. Join us as we raise awareness and save our planet one metal straw at a time!



    Learn More
  3. Anatomy of a Mint Julep Hi Ball

    The Anatomy of our Maker's Mark Mint Julep printed right on your hi ball... just in case you forget! Learn More
  4. Stacked Logo Ceramic Shot Glass

    Maker's Mark logo printed on a 1oz ceramic shot glass. Learn More
  5. Ceramic Single Whisky Disk

    Maker's Mark ceramic single whisky disk. Learn More
  6. Stainless Steel Mixology Shaker

    Stainless Steel Maker's Mark shaker. Learn More
  7. Official Bourbon Tasting Glass
    Out of stock

    Official Bourbon Tasting Glass

    Out of stock

    Maker's Mark, in conjunction with the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is excited to launch the Official Bourbon Tasting Glass. Developed in association with master distillers from some of Kentucky's foremost distilleries, this glass has been crafted to be the authoritative tasting glass for Bourbon lovers worldwide! Learn More
  8. Maker's Mark 4 Pack Cocktail Glasses

    Maker's Mark cocktail glass is a perfect glass for your specialty cocktails. Specially designed v-shaped glass holds 8oz. Present our classic manhattan or one of our special bourbon martinis in this glass, and you're sure to impress. Set includes 4 clear cocktail glasses with the classic Maker's Mark stacked logo. Each glass in hand dipped in red wax for a unique look. Learn More
  9. Maker's Mark 4 Pack Citation Glasses

    Get your own Maker's Mark's tasting glass, featured in the tasting rooms at the distillery! The rounded glass and tapered top allow for a full taste and enhanced smell, making the perfect vessel for your favorite bourbon, Maker's Mark. Set contains 4 Maker's Mark citation glasses, printed with the classic stacked logo. Each glass hold 6 oz. Learn More