Dipped Glassware

  1. Americana Dipped Inverness Rocks Glass

    Limited Edition Inverness rocks glass dipped in our signature red wax and then dipped in blue wax to give make any Maker's Mark drinker feel more patricotic!

    Hexagonal base

    9oz Learn More
  2. Rocking Rocks Glass

    Maker's Mark dipped rocking rocks glass printed with the stacked logo.

    6.75oz Learn More
  3. Marquis by Waterford Personalized Dipped Decanter


    Personalized Marquis by Waterford Maker's Mark Hour Glass Decanter. Deep Etched with the Maker's Mark Stacked Logo and your personalization. Dipped in our signature Maker's Mark red wax. NOTE: Decanter does not contain alcohol.


    10.5" H

    Learn More
  4. Anatomy of a Mint Julep Hi Ball

    The Anatomy of our Maker's Mark Mint Julep printed right on your hi ball... just in case you forget! Learn More
  5. Purple Dipped Round Rocks Glass

    Limited Edition Purple Wax Learn More
  6. Americana Round Rocks Glass

    Your favorite round rocks glass dipped in blue and red wax! Learn More
  7. Maker's Mark Ambassador Holiday Glass Set 2PK

    Limited Edition! 2- Pack Copper Dipped Ambassador Holiday Glass Learn More
  8. Round Rocks Glass

    Maker's Mark round rocks glass printed with stacked logo.

    9oz Learn More
  9. Maker's Mark Inverness Rocks Glass

    Rocks glass with a hexagonal base printed with the Maker's Mark logo.

    9oz Learn More